Saturday, May 17, 2008

We are mourning the loss of a friends baby girl, so it will take me a few more days to get the PNG alphas done but I promise that I will get them done. Thank you for understanding.



Alaina said...

I lost my own sweet baby girl in 2003 and my heart goes out to you and your friends! Please check out for resources and stories of other hurting mothers--when you're facing a loss, it's so nice to know you're not alone...your friends will be in my thoughts and prayers.

schellie said...

so sad to hear when someone looses a baby, special when it's your own nearest and dearest. Wish you and your friends strength to cope with the loss.

Ang said...

It Is always extremely sad to lose a little one! I'm very sorry your friends had to go through that. I also lost a baby girl in '93 to SIDS, and now have 3 bright, beautiful kids! My girl is 13, and my boys are 7 & 8 (361 days apart! Mother in law version of twins!!) Marcucci was of course my first, I was 20, and she turned my life around! There's no trying to understand things like that happen. I had great family support, and I didn't know it, but I was already pregnate with Ali when she passed, so my sorrow quickly turned to greatfulness for having her in my life, and joy for being given Ali. I knew the chances of SIDS taking Ali were nil to none, so I took my life up & kept on heading in the direction it was going when I had Markie in it. Ali's biological father couldn't let it go, we didn't last, but when Ali was 3 I had met Tom, and he's been Dad ever since! This Halloween will be our 10th!!
I am truely sorry for your friends' pain Amber, you're a good friend for supporting them,.