Thursday, May 15, 2008


It has been brought to my attention that some people are not able to use PSD files or files all on one page (thank you Laura from Virginia). I am so sorry, this is my first time designing so I still need to learn all the ins and outs of it all. I will make a PNG set for each alpha so that everyone will be able to use it, though it might take me a couple days. And I will save each letter/number/symbol as their own separate file. Hopefully you can forgive me, lol! And I have some more plans for some other ABC stuff so hopefully that will make up for it! Also I wanted to add, a while back Pam did some name labels for the kits. If anyone had a name that didnt get added, if you want to leave it here with which kit you want the name for and I will try to accomodate everyone the best I can.

Until next time,


David & Heidi said...

Wow, I have never been first. You are doing great, thanks for your add ons.

David & Heidi said...

ok, so my computer did a hiccup. I would love for you to make some labels. I would like one that says Adaline -in skip colors, and two in run colors for Duncan and Gage. If you are really feeling generous, I would love them for jump also. Thanks!

LVMommy22 said...

oh amber, you are so kind to make all the numbers and letters in their own files! if you get the chance, i'd love it if you could do lizzy in skip colors and thomas in run colors and, as heidi said, if you're feeling very generous, i'd love to have them both in jump colors. ty ty ty for all you've given us!

Lisa Y said...

I would love to see Aleena and Isabelle in skip or jump colors.

orachel said...

Hi sweetie!!! So sorry to hear about your friends baby. What a horrible thing.

I thought I would help by telling you that your readers can ALL use layered templates! lol Seriously, there is a free software out there, opensource, that is VERY comparable to photoshop!!! There are very few things that PS can do that this can't...and there are even free brushes and filters etc for it available online also.

Its called GIMP. GNU is its formal name, but gimp is how its referred to. Again, this is 100% totally free, and anyone can download and use it forever with no cost. Now gimp has been around for a few years, with a bunch of versions over the years.

What your users want is version 2.4 (or maybe theres even a newer one available now)...this version allows them to use PSD format, use ABR brushes (like photoshop) and even use some photoshop actions with a free plugin.

You can find downloads, tons of tutorails, and even a few scrap sites devoted to those who scrap with gimp by doing google searches. My favorite gimp place to get tutorials and links is called "Gimp Talk". Sorry I'm not giving links, but wasn't sure how you'd feel about that.

But just had to let you know. I'm a photoshop CS3 girl, but for a few months I didn't have my PS when I switched to a PC. I found and used gimp, and it really is TRULY comparable to photoshop in terms of what you can do with it...and its free, as opposed to hundreds of dollars for PS. I switched back to PS just because I already knew it so well, but someone who knows PS should at least be able to follow gimp as its very similar with tool names and so forth.

Hope that helped at least a few people who read your blog. I was into scrap for months before I bought my first Photoshop....and had I known there was a very similar free software out there I might not have bought it! lol

But very important...make sure they search for GIMP version 2.4 or higher...earlier versions do not use abr brushes or psd files, so that's very important! Oh, and theres even free downloadable books online that teach you gimp! After you've used it for a bit, you'll even be able to follow photoshop tutorials!!! There is one scrap shop I can't remember the name, but it has HUGE tutorials and tips section for gimp users. I'd start sorry can't remember what its called, but do a search for "scrapbooking, gimp, forum" and I'm sure you'll find it!!!

Good luck to you, and my prayers are with your friends who've lost their child.



Lisa said...

I would love the name Kalia in skip colors and the name Parker in Run colors and would love them both in jump colors. Thank you for all your great freebies!

Chris Moore said... lost my comments.

I am sorry for your friend. I have had the same experience and many do not understand the greif especially if the miss is early on.

If you could do run,skip,jump for Laura (aka Girlie) and run,skip for David (aka Dave) I would be very pleased. ....Thanks for your caring nature

~HJ said...

You are doing a wonderful job! You may find that some prefer the psd and some can only use the pngs. If you have the time I would offer both. Now that I have three Photoshop programs (PSE5, PSE6 and CS3 extended) I will be offering them like that in the future. I already offer my templates in several different formats, including XCF for the Gimp program (a free program that's like Photoshop that can use many Adobe tools). I have a polling site for all to use at - it may help you with what people out there want. It's fairly new so there aren't many voters yet so come back often to see the results.