Sunday, July 13, 2008

Skip PNG's ALMOST done and an awesome designer I found!

So, while sitting here packaging up the PNG's for the Skip Alpha I couldn't help but browse the web for some awesome scrapbooking freebies and I came across Digi Delights. She is super incredibly talented, and offers a lot of her great designs for free! She is also a designer at Plain Digital Wrapper where I picked up her Oink Cluck Moo kit which is just ADORABLE! So swing by her blog, check out her awesome freebies (and give her plenty of love!), and then browse through the store and grab one of her amazing kits! She doesn't have a whole lot in there right now, but I'm sure she will be filling it up with awesome stuff soon enough!

I am about halfway through the Skip PNG's so by tomorrow I'm sure they will be done. Then it's on to the Run alpha and hopefully some more add-ons.

I hope everyone had a good 4th! Ours wrapped up with the yearly rodeo, and my crazy husband decided that he was going to do the amateur bull riding. So after making sure his life insurance was up to date, LOL, we headed off to the rodeo so see my green-horned cowboy ride a bull. I didn't get any pics of him actually riding on it, well, because he just didn't last that long, LMBO, plus I was busy video taping so I couldn't take pics. But here is a pic of him right before he rode. Isn't he the most handsome cowboy you've ever seen!

Lol, well I think so anyways, although I may be just a tad biased. :) And here is a pic of them all, waiting for the parade on the 4th.

So there they are, they have made their grand debut. Jayden is on the left, then Rylie, and Colin is on the right. Check back tomorrow and I will have your freebie!

Later Gator!