Friday, December 5, 2008

I'd like to make an announcement....

The Holly Jolly Blog Train will be taking off in 10 days!! There are 74 blogs participating (I am stop #34!) and it is definitely something you are going to want to tag along for. I haven't put together my previews yet because, well because I can't stop making things for it! It is my first time doing a blog train and it has been so much fun.
Here is the color pallette that we worked off of. Everyone did such an amazing job, you really are going to love it. I'm going to put a preview together and see if I can't give you a 'sneak peek' at my portion of the kit.
I'm glad you are all liking the grab bags so much!! I know only one of the alpha files is in PNG, I just haven't had time to separate the others. But now I have an awesome action from Mega Doodle Inspired that will separate them super fast. So if there are enough people out there who want them separated I will go ahead and do it. Just let me know! Thanks to all of those who are leaving comments, they make my day!! Haha, I had to laugh because Yvonne of CrazyScrapWitch left a comment on my pics post (look a few posts down) about the pic of my husband and son looking over the bridge and about how far down it looked. Trust me Yvonne, my heart was leaping out of my chest, but it was such an awesome picture moment that I snapped it really quickly and then hurried up and snatched him away before he would fall down to the deep dark abyss. Imagine my surprise (and glee!) when I uploaded the pics on my computer and saw how good it turned out. I was expecting it to be all blurry and pretty bad honestly. What mother doesn't intentionally endanger their children every once in a while for that chance at that perfect photo right?
Hmmm, maybe I should re-think that one a little.
Grrrr, I don't know why it won't let me put spaces inbetween the different paragraphs. I can type it that way but it won't save it like that. Oh well. Life goes on.

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